5 Tips For Reducing Phone Usage

5 Tips For Reducing Phone Usage

By Theo Kertesz

Published on July 8, 2024 at 03:21 PM UTC

July 8, 2024 03:21 PM UTC • Updated 2 days ago

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1. Use Built-In Screen Time Features

Although it seems obvious, placing limits on how long you can use certain apps is, in my opinion, the most effective way to overcome a phone addiction. However, this works much more effectively when you don’t know the password to bypass the screen time limits you have set for yourself. When you know the screen time password, you will find yourself pressing “Remind me in 15 minutes” at least a few times regardless of how much self-control you think you possess. Ask a friend, sibling, or parent to enter a password only they know to allow you to bypass screen time. This makes it so any change to your screen time limits, or any temporary bypass, requires you to go through someone else. This added layer of difficulty will usually delay you because of the added hassle and awkwardness of asking, making you pause and reconsider whether you truly need more screen time. Overall, practicing this method helps you foster more mindful usage and better self-regulation.

2. Turn On Do Not Disturb

When you are trying to focus on something in particular, make sure your notifications are turned off. As explained in this article on the effect of task-switching, any distraction from what you're trying to keep your attention on will make you much less productive.

3. Use Grayscale

Grayscale is a feature on your phone that makes the display monochrome. While you don't need to keep it on all the time, it can be beneficial during specific situations. For example, TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat all use very bright colors to keep you interested. If you tend to scroll endlessly, turning on grayscale can help. Grayscale reduces the impact of bright colors designed to attract your attention, making social media less engaging and leading to reduced usage. Without color, nothing looks as appealing.

4. Turn Off Rise To Wake

In settings, there is an option to turn off a feature labeled rise to wake. This is the feature that makes your phone turn on when you pick it up. Turning off this feature makes it so you need to click the turn on button in order to turn on your phone. Although this might seem just as an inconvenience, it serves as a layer of difficulty for you to access your phone. Over time this will reduce your screen time.

5. Create Distance To Your Phone

According to a Kaspersky study, the distance to one’s phone is directly correlated to their productivity. Keep it out of your sight, in a bag, or keep it outside of your room. If you're really procrastinating hand your phone to someone and tell them not to give it to you. This will make it so you're forced to do what if required of you.